Homemade Chicken Noodles


Last night was the highlight of my day!  Hubby wanted to try something, so he asked me to cook.  For opinions of others, we invited some friends over.  I made homemade noodles and chicken noodle soup, homemade mashed taters, and warmed up some green beans with bacon and onion.  MMMmmm was it good!  Even the friends thought so too.  Above is the picture of the plate we served.  We portioned everything out (because we are needing it for a price)


I started out making homemade egg noodles, and mixed them in my bread machine.  I’ve always mixed them by hand, so this was the first time I’ve done this.  It worked out exceptionally well.  I put all the ingredients in and mixed on the dough cycle until the flour was all mixed in.

I used 4 whole eggs, 3 cups flour, 1/2 tsp salt, and 3 Tbsp (plus a little more) milk. This made enough for about 12  8 ounce servings (when mixed with chicken and broth)


I haven’t used my pasta maker in years!  Glad I have a long counter!  I rolled out my noodles down to setting 7.  I have been asked not to make them so thin next time.  I let the rolled out pieces dry about an hour and a half, turning them over about half way through, before I used the noodle cutter and cut my noodles.

If you don’t have a pasta maker you can roll out the noodles with a rolling pin, let dry and cut with a sharp knife or pizza cutter to desired width/length.


They look so perfect!


That looks like a LOT of noodles!  I was planning on feeding 6 people, 7 actually came.  That was fine, we had plenty to go around.


Here is the chicken & noodles after they finished cooking.  I got asked if they were really homemade.  LOL!  Yes, they are.  I had the pictures to prove it.

I used 6 cups canned broth plus 6 cups water and 6 chicken flavored bouillon cubes (so 12 cups total).  I brought the broth to a boil and dropped my noodles in.  I added 12 ounces of cooked diced chicken.  I let the noodles cook about 10-15 minutes,  taste testing to make sure they were done. ;-)

Served like the picture at the top of the post, the only thing left was about 3 more servings of noodles.  MMMmmmm!

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